Little Heiskell Ski Club
Hagerstown, MD

About Us

The Little Heiskell Ski Club was established as a nonprofit corporation in March of 1967. Over the years, the club has seen dynamic changes in the ski industry. Some of our charter members are still active in the club and started skiing on wooded skis with leather boots! There have a lot of changes since 1967, but the Club's purpose has basically remained the same. The purpose of the LHSC is the encouragement, advancement, and improvement of the sport of skiing and snowboarding for pleasure, recreation, and other non-profitable purposes. The LHSC promotes competition, good fellowship, and the preservation of the sport with the highest ideals of sportsmanship.

The LHSC is a member of the Blue Ridge Ski Council, an association of ski clubs from Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. This association represents the interests of over 5,000 skiers and snowboarders.

Legend of "Little Heiskell"

The City of Hagerstown was founded in 1745 by a German stone mason, Jonathan Hager. Around 1770, the town had grown enough to have its first City Hall erected and citizen of Hagerstown, a metalworker named Mr. Heiskell was commissioned to design and place a weathervane on the new City Hall building. Mr. Heiskell selected a Hessian Solider for his design. This little soldier was approximately one meter in height and adorned with a plumed hat and rifle.

This weathervane remained on Hagerstown's City Hall buildings until 1936 when the present City Hall was erected. Through the years, the solider stood guard over the city in all it's glory and became affectionately known as "Little Heiskell". Currently the original "Little Heiskell" is in a place of honor in Hagerstown's local museum.